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TLO Adelaide Red Carpet Video Post

9News Adelaide

Kryztoff at the Adelaide Premiere - Good Video, can't embed :'(

TEN News 'Lucky Adelaide'

NovaFM Videos

Maz's Big Moment

Adelaide Goes Bananas

This one is still uploading but I really, really want to get these posts done, lol. So I'm just going to link to it for now…
Maz on the Red Carpet with Stars of 'The Lucky One'


Glam Adelaide at the Premiere

Fan Video - Adelaide Red Carpet

Fan Video - By the Escalators

Fan Video: Talking Inside the Theater

7 News Melbourne Red Carpet

ETA: Scott, Zac, and Taylor intro the film in Melbourne

Sorry these video posts have taken forever. Most of the videos had to be reuploaded to YT (stupid iframe, lol).
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