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Apr 12th
12:40 pm
Zef in Cosmopolitan  
Whilst I am putting my Adelaide posts together, let's enjoy this random photo adriansmama23 posted on instagram from (I guess?) an upcoming Cosmo...

Also to go along with the scans of Men's Health I already posted, a scan of the Women's Health mag from ZacEfron_News, hq hq at source:

ETA: I forgot I found this slightly higher quality version of the subscriber cover, though I can't remember the website for it:

Mood: busybusy
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kleth on April 12th, 2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
The Men's Health subscriber cover is definitely better, bicep structure less exagerated, though his eyes have a kind of crazed "you are in my power" look (pupils too contracted; bedroom eyes require large pupils).