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'The Lucky One' Sydney Premiere Videos and Article

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Australian AP via Sydney Morning Herald

Zac Efron stars in The Lucky One, but it was the hundreds of screaming, crying Australian fans who felt like they had hit the jackpot.

Some waited for more than nine hours for a chance to meet the actor, who walked the red carpet at the world premiere of The Lucky One in Sydney last night.

Efron described his Australian fans as "unreal", as the deafening screams soon gave way to them chanting his name.

"They're very loud. Very energetic," he said.

"I'm always amazed at how far away Australia is ... And it feels so close to home.
"They're still like California girls to me."

It might be his eighth visit to Australia but his fans haven't let down on their enthusiasm.
"Zac, I flew interstate to see you," read one fan's sign, while another's said, "Zac mate, formal date?"

Hicks cast the relatively unknown Schilling opposite Efron because their chemistry was phenomenal, he said, and "that for a director is like gold dust".

Schilling was unable to make the world premiere in Sydney because she was ill, but is expected to be at the premieres in Melbourne and Hick's hometown of Adelaide.

Hicks said he chose to open the movie in Australia, because "I'm Australian," but was blown away by the turn-out in Sydney, saying he had never been to a premiere with so many screaming people.
"The closest was being at the Oscars. This is got a comparable sort of atmosphere," he said, although he did get a taste of Efron-mania while they were filming in he US.

"We were generally filming in fairly remote places, so there wasn't a lot, but it's amazing how people will find Zac.

"Hunt him down and they'll stand out for hours waiting to see him.
"And he's very gracious with them and he really makes people feel special."
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