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Misc Roundup: Magazine pics from Leno, Cosmo Stud Meter, etc.

Jeezbee capped these off the Leno 1080 rip so idk maybe best quality till someone scans...

Cosmo May 2012 Guy Watch Stud Meter
via ZacEfron_News

A couple of articles. First, link only: Examiner, "Sitting Down with Taylor Schilling of The Lucky One."

Also Scott Hicks did an interview with Austrailan site I've included the excerpts about Zac specifically but please click over to what else Scott said about the film:
What convinced you Zac was the man for the lead?
The studio was obviously very enthusiastic, so I met with him. To be honest, just knowing his previous films I wasn’t sure at first whether this was right for him. But what convinced me was his eagerness to play the part. He had an absolute desire to take it on and you want that hunger for a role in an actor.
Secondly, he made a pledge to me right at the outset because I told him ‘we’re going to have to turn you into an ex-marine’. He asked me what he needed to do and said he’d do it, whatever it was. I told him to remember that conversation because I was going to ask him a lot.
And to his huge credit he did the work, this huge physical task of putting on 25 pounds of muscle. It’s the most boring thing in the world – three hours a day, 6,000 calories a day – and he did it. He was fine with us cutting his hair. He set aside all personal vanity issues and submerged into this role.
But just as important as all the physical elements was his mental outlook and finding that element in himself that could put the mask over his natural charm and exuberance. He’s so open and so easy going and this character was just so different to that, so he found that element in himself, which was great. It made my task easier.
How much direction do you need to give during a love scene?
More. Keep going. Lower. Take the hand. No, no that’s good, yes. Oh yes, just follow that (laughs).
Look, shooting a love scene is hilarious but only when you’ve got actors as good as these who are willing to abandon themselves to it. They totally trusted each other and trusted me. You have a closed set with very few people, literally the camera operator and me and that’s it. If there’s a secret to it it’s just to make the actors comfortable enough with each other to take a risk.
But it’s funny when you tell people ‘touch each other there, do this’. I’m telling Zac Efron how to make love. I don’t think he needed much telling, to be honest.

Again I'm on my way out the door so, just fyi I'm not around lol. Idk if I'll be up for the Sydney premiere either but we'll see.
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