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Golfing plus more hotel pics (if you want them)


mkim0739: 1, 2

eta: there are more golfing pics at AD.

TBH, I was not online yesterday most of the day cause my sister was here... inopportune timing, ik. And looking at the pics now, I mean... my personal opinion is it is kind of a complicated thing.

He knows it is a risk and he knows they've photographed him before at his hotel... so I think he tried to protect himself somewhat, but he shouldn't not enjoy his balcony because paparazzi exist so I think there was a level of understanding what might happen. And let's be real. He plays the paparazzi game just like ANYONE in Hollywood. So a few shirtless pics here and there are no big deal. Knowing or accepting that is the case isn't a horrible thing. It is just the way it is.

That said, I don't think he really expected them to be able to see into his hotel room or that they'd actually takes pics of him inside... the latter is like, bro you know they'll do anything.

Privacy is a slippery slope really, where does the expectation of privacy begin or end? Even without paparazzi, that port is really heavily-trafficked with ferries and tourists. So there was always a risk of voyeurs taking pics, even just for normal people. Also people post legitimately private pics of him with his friends and claim it's no big deal but then won't post this? I make exceptions but don't try to pretend you are above certain things when you aren't.

But anyway. I sort am of the opinion logically fans either accept and ogle them all or you say any pics on the balcony are an invasion of privacy and look at none. But I suppose it is not so black and white for most people, so I've chosen for this site a compromise which is I've left off the ones inside his room and I've left off the boring ones cause they are boring, lol.

Also now, thanks to livejournal's new spoiler cut, you get to choose yourself whether you want to see the hotel pics or not. Under the cut, there is a spoiler cut which you can click on to see the pictures. Your choice, it's all on you :)

[click at your own discretion]maybe it is because i'm at panera right now and they are playing mozart,
but i keep scrolling through and envisioning an opera based on zac's dramatic sock-putting-on and construction of his fortress, lol.

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