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Shutterfly Article and Pics from TLO

From Shutterfly's article, What Zac Efron's Lasting Image Looks Like:
Q.   The Lucky One's theme is one of fate and destiny. Do you believe a person writes their own story or lives a life that's already written.

A.   From my own experience, I think there's some sort of guidance. I don't know what it is, but something helps me along the way. I think maybe opportunities present themselves or doors are open and it's up to you to walk through them — only you can do that. I think I believe in both to a degree.

Q.    Your character, Logan, is led by his lucky charm — the photo of Beth. Do you have a lucky charm?

A.    I don't really have a lucky charm at the moment. There's little things that I keep around, but I can't think of anything that I carry around day to day.

Q.    At the core of the film is a photograph that connects Logan and Beth. Have pictures played a role in connecting you to other people?

A.    Yes - I'm sure at some point. I love to keep pictures around of family and friends. I'm always looking through pictures that connect me to great memories.

Q.    What makes The Lucky One such a powerful story?

A.    It's about two real people that have experienced life and all of the challenges and hardships, but despite the weight they carry, are able to come together and find true love and find their soul's counterpart. It's very powerful. It's a love story.  

Q.    If you were to be remembered by a single image, what would it look like?

A.    Hopefully, I'm smiling and my eyes are open.

Personally I love crinkly closed-eyes duchenne smiley faces more. But as a compromise, a fav recent smiley pic… duchenne but not totally closed:

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