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TLO TV Spot ft. Florence + The Machine and another Sparks FB Question

I think this is what played during Smash and is a longer version of the one that the Singapore YT had.

Another Sparks FB Question - His role in casting decisions

^some of these thumbnails... lol

Also two scans from Tu Magazine

:/ that shirt

hq @ source

Additions to schedule: USMC Camp Pendleton Appearance April 15th (details) and the premiere for Sydney is dated April 9th (details).

Also this just popped up on twitter:

IDK if it will be a cover for sure or not (hope so), but Men's Health was definitely one mag I was hoping he'd get this go around (even before the airport carry, lol). May Details is for sure out (Chris Evans "rock climbing") and I'm guessing May GQ will go to RDJ or maybe Johnny as they both have huge movies early May. But this works for TLO so I'm happy.
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