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Roundup: TLO Stills, FB Questions, a couple leftover 'Lorax' interviews


FB Questions (one Zac, one Sparks)

Also an interesting interview by 891 ABC Adelaide with Scott Hicks is here.

Scans from Vanity Fair Italia

I'm not going to copy/paste the translation from google because it is pretty bad, but here are the scans and a link to the google translation of the typed up interview from the original source. One question/answer I can understand is his interest in Alain Delon as an acting role model (of sorts). I think that is an intriguing answer.

And from Hot Hits, an interview about 'The Lorax' in which Zac says he drives too much. Not embedding cause of autoplay but you can watch it here. I have the same problem, I love to just get out on the open road and drive.
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