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Reimagined Posters for 'The Lucky One'

Awhile ago I think it was kleth maybe mentioned something about a TLO poster in the style of NYE's poster. So I made one. Then I made a couple others. Then I waited forever to post them, lol. But since it's been kind of slow, today is the day. None are real! Just for fun.

New Year's Eve

Introspective Indie aka We Don't Care about the Hearthrob's Face

Ken Burns Documentary aka Art Exhibit Postcard

I made them before the release of official posters or anything else so all I had to work with was the tiny pic from the test screening notice and the two stills from 2010, thus my faked Taylor Schilling photograph. Later I fixed it in the second one but for the others I actually like the fake one better. Her smiling is so much more beautiful. I also did add in a two caps from the trailer on the NYE poster. And I'm really sorry to say, I'm probably violating copyrights in making these, but fwiw, these are the usernames from flickr that I used for composite sources: kharkovyyy, cbanck, society_works, bruckerrlb, gilesrayner, AntyDiluvian, LilRonGal, lost2society.
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