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Arriving in Rome and a few more Madrid fanpics

more @ sauce

a few more fanpics



Jaime_vaquero (lol 'my dawg')

fincheltikeklaine tumblr

cool story from tumblr littlethoughtsmine
He was the nicest guy I’ve never seen, damn he’s a star!! he comes from Hollywood and he’s as normal as you or me! He was very nice with the fans, trying to practice his spanish, taking pictures with them and kiss them, never said something wrong against fans, he wanted to sign every poster, picture or dvd cover.

He did some epic moments, meantime he was signing very cute with everyone some boy didn’t want his autograph but he wanted the Angy’s one (Angy is the spanish actress/singer) and Zac just opened his mouth and his eyes like this: ºoº and he continued signing as nice as always, I can’t believe that boy… he has the chance to kiss and hug to ZAC EFRON and he just doesn’t care!! He’s the friking Zac Efron didn’t you see him?!?!?! are you blind?? My God… well but the greatest moment was when Zac lifted his shirt… I almost fainted in that right moment, I saw his amazing belly with my own eyes, never I’m gonna forget that glorious moment in my whole life.

more of the story and more pics are at the source
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