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Madrid Meet & Greet and Articles

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Other sources: 1, 2

A couple of articles:,, and this Q&A chat from (p.s. I tried to smooth the google translation, sometimes very freely. But if anyone finds errors, let me know):
1. In the United States the premiere won by a landslide in the first weekend. More than $70 million. What do you fancy to do with your share?

I have not thought of buying anything in particular. What I want is to invite the whole team to dinner. We have to celebrate this great success and all the work we have done.

2. What do you like most about 'The Lorax'?

What I liked most was the author whose work is adapted, he was my favorite as a child. And the animation is wonderful. And in 3D, forget about it...

3. How do you propose a long-term career? Be honest, do you fear being forgotten in the future?

I would like to work with great directors. I had a great time working on 'The Lucky One' and 'The Paperboy'. I do not worry about the future, just the opposite: I'm excited. Sometimes I get nervous when I think about it, but it excites me to think ahead.

4. Hi Zac! My name is Beatriz and I wanted to tell you, I'm a big fan of yours, I have seen all your movies (17 Again, HSM 1,2,3, Charlie St. Cloud, Hairspray) and I think we'll also see this. I wanted to ask you if, you have another movie this year? Thank you very much and good luck with the movie and that will come .. Beatriz (Zuerich Ch)

This year 'The Lucky One' will also premiere in April, you'll like it a lot. Do not miss it. And 'The Paperboy'. And there is a third project to be released that still has no title. A kiss.

5. Hi Zac! First, congratulations for all your professional work! My question is whether you think the role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical, has hurt you in some way, if there are people who pigeon-hole you within that character. Big kiss cutie! Keep it up!

I do not know. Anyway, I really like Troy. There are many characters and movies that are coming or have already gone, thankfully.

6. Is there something you wanted to do in your life and even today have not done?

Go to the moon. Slamdunk in basketball. Seriously, travel around the world. And climbing Macchu Picchu.

7. Dear Zac, in your opinion, what are the pros and cons of being a movie star? Send a greeting to my wife and my daughter Christelle Moon so I have a good dinner tonight! Regards, Antonio S. Serrano.

The pros are that there are many wonderful things. I feel very fortunate to do what I like and can earn a living at it, I meet many interesting people. And the cons, I prefer not to think negative things.

8. People always shout Zac in your path. Who do you cry out for? In other words, who are you a fan of?

Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift!! And Penelope Cruz. Penelope Cruz! Call me, call me Penelope!

9. What other cartoon character you would like to voice?

WOW. I'd love to do a Disney movie. I love Aladdin.

10. Zac, have you been touring Madrid? What do you like most about this city?

I love the museums of Madrid. And my favorite restaurant is The Landau.

11. How many hours have you gone to the gym and keep going to show off those muscles you have now?

It depends on what I am working on. Right now, a few hours a week.

12. Meryl Streep said that to be happy, it is necessary not to search yourself on Google. Do you get curious about [what people say about you on Google]?

Never. She's right.

13. Are you romantic?


14. Zac, how about shooting with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy? What is it like, mate?

She is very affectionate and adorable in real life. It was an honor to work with someone for whom I have so much respect and admiration.

15. You go to the latest ceremony of the Independent Spirit Awards. Would you like to do independent filmmaking? What kind of film do you like to watch?

We had a great time at the Independent Spirit Awards. I would love to make films with many of the professionals who were there that night. Among the last films I liked 'The Artist' and 'Moneyball'. I also love the classics. And any movie with Paul Newman.

16. Will you ever forget your first love?


17. Hi Zac, is this the first time you put your voice to an animated character? How would you explain this job as an actor?

It was a fun experience. You have to leave your ego at the door and not be afraid of ridicule.

18. What kind of music (groups, singers ...) can you not stop listening to?

I listen to a lot of James Brown lately, The Beach Boys ... I was just listening to a lot Brazilian bossa nova. I love 'The Girl from Ipanema.'

19. Hi Zac. I love how you dress. Do you like to go shopping or is it all work from your stylists?

I don't like to go shopping, but when I find something I like I don't let it go. It becomes special.

20. First thanks for this "encounter" I hope when I return home tonight to enjoy it, As a great fan of his, I'm looking forward to the premiere of his upcoming movie "The lucky one" can you talk about that movie?, .... something about the shooting. Oh, and thanks for the meeting...

'The Lucky One' is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, I recommend you read it, it is a great love story. It's about a Marine who returns after the war. He found a picture of a girl there and he decides to search for her without knowing who she is or where she lives.

21. Good afternoon. I hope to travel soon to Los Angeles. I guess you live there. What touristy things would you recommend? Thanks.

Go to a Lakers game, take a bike ride in Venice Beach ....

22. Since Taylor Swift taught you to play guitar, when will you do a duet with her?

I hope soon. She is the best.

23. Did you feel much pressure during High School Musical knowing that millions of viewers were looking out for you?

No. We did not feel any pressure. We were an enthusiastic team. We were very excited to be so successful.

24. What are Zac Efron's dreams?
I want to travel. What I want most is to travel. It would be fun to go backpacking across Europe.

25. Do you date less than when you weren't famous? I suppose you must run from those who get close to you to get close to the fame...
When I wasn't famous I had a girlfriend. I don't know.

26. How much do you owe your fans?

Everything. I love you.

27. Do you want to do a musical again?

Yes. I'd love to. I can't wait much longer.


Sorry I can not answer you all questions. I'm going to an event where I hope to see many of you. I enjoyed talking with you. Hope you like 'Lorax'. Much love.

ETA, thanks to lullaby_lily for some corrections :D
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