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Zac HSM3 promo

Zac on Ryan Seacrest (shoots down POTC4 rumor and yes I suck at iMovie):

Zac on Regis and Kelly:

Zac on GMA:

The whole gang BTS on Early Show (interview will air Friday):

just jared’s interview with zefron

JJ: What was your favorite prop from HSM3?
ZE: My favorite prop on set was a basketball. But my favorite one that I kept was Troy’s ring, his class ring.

JJ: You didn’t steal anything else from the set?
ZE: I tried! But the wardrobe is very strict, they keep tabs on everything.

JJ: When you go online, what are the top three websites that you go online at?
ZE: Just Jared! Of course man, the only one. I check my email. That’s about it.

JJ: What was the first beer you had on your birthday?
ZE: My first birthday beer? (pauses) Whatever what was on tap. I honestly don’t know. It was in a glass…

JJ: What was your favorite birthday gift?
ZE: Ashley [Tisdale] got me an Indo Board! It’s a balance training tool… it kind of helps you with surfing.

JJ: What are your Halloween plans?
ZE: No plans yet. I’ll probably be handing out candy. (laughs)

source: yt/vabn/jj
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