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More from Brazil

Brazilian TV

Vou de táxi!


More pics from the photocall

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Highlights from a few articles

The articles are in Portuguese, so I had to rely on Google translations which are anything but perfect. Here are a few highlights from different articles on top of what we already heard in the videos above and posts before. I hope I got it halfway right.

GQ Brasil noted that his eyes were tired and he didn't sleep on his flight from LA to Brazil. They also pointed out that Zac couldn't keep the schedule due to the turmoil in the store locations despite being prepared for everything they asked him. He was friendly and professional. One thing he wanted to try during his visit was Brazilian Feijoada; the hotel didn't have it on their menu but the chef found a way to make him some anyway.

About fashion:
"I think a good suit has the power to make you more elegant and give you character. I think it's pretty cool with that kind of clothes and I enjoy wearing them."

Zac told GQ that he likes to define his style as somewhere between casual and relaxed and it doesn't exclude a shirt and jeans: "They are the typical clothes walking along the beach," he joked. "It doesn't really matter what type of clothes nor how expensive it is, but to feel comfortable and attractive with what you are wearing. I'm happy with my style, because it is something I created (?). My tip would be: have fun while dressing."

A Cidade talked to Zac about the outcome of the Oscars; Zac said he loved the movie 'The Artist', which won the award for Best Film. "For me, it was really the best film. I found extraordinary." Zac also liked Moneyball.

MSN also had a little chat. Zac seemingly addresses recent dating rumors by saying, "For now I have no girlfriend. I just have friends." He also talked about his adventure with Luciano Huck for the "Cauldron". "I really enjoyed it. He's very funny. I went out with him today and was not familiar with his work, but it was one of the coolest guys I met here. It was a pleasure to be on his show." Zac also said that he is a fan of driver Ayrton Senna. "I saw the documentary on Senna. He is my hero."

The one annoying thing I noticed is that John John doesn't seem to be willing to own up their mistakes with the organization of the day and try to sort of pass it off as Zac was the one cancelling it. They don't say it outright but several of the articles surely had that undertone.
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