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LOL QUE? ..... omg. lol. LOLLLLLLL.

I should not be laughing this hard... from GossipCop:
According to the National Enquirer, Zac Efron has a “HUGE crush on Nicole Kidman,” his co-star in The Paperboy.

“He thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever laid eyes on,” reveals a so-called “insider,” adding, “Zac said if Nicole wasn’t married, he’d put the moves on her hard.”

Indeed, while Kidman having a husband (Keith Urban) means she’s off-limits, Efron “can’t help but feel there’s chemistry between them,” says the Enquirer source.

And that’s why he dropped a condom at The Lorax premiere.

Wait… WHAT?!

The Enquirer alleges that Efron’s recent red carpet miscue was all part of a plan to “impress” Kidman.

Efron dropped the “gold magnum condom – which is used by well-endowed men” because, as the magazine’s source explains, “He knew reports of the incident would get back to her.”

“He wanted to let her know what kind of man he really is,” says the Enquirer insider.


Because he (supposedly) has a “crush” on a (happily married) co-star, Efron accidentally dropped a condom during an unrelated event and immediately scooped it up, all in the hopes that Kidman would hear about his endowment?

This is… absurd.

Sources close to Efron (literally) laughed off the Enquirer speculation, adding that while he liked working with Kidman, the alleged condom caper is just tabloid fiction.

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