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Sorry I'm late posting this, I've been sick, still am, it's okay though. And credit for that post title goes to gracehelbig. Anyway, maybe this gives Fox News something else to talk about other than how The Lorax indoctrinates small children to give a fuck about their environment and care about something other than themselves and why those are SUCH horrible things.

Personally I like EW's pseudo-Seuss take (and their tags) on this best...
Allegedly dropping a condom at the premiere of a Dr. Seuss movie!
Who would do this?
Why its Zac Efron, and boy, did he feel foolish.

He tried to be nimble, he tried to be slick.
After all, the guy has to think of the best interest of his… flick. (Gross, you guys.)
Inevitably upset parents, take a breath, relax.
Would you rather them be admiring a star from Teen Mom… or The Lorax?

Tags: idk and idec, lol, lolz, red carpet, somebody please think of the children, the lorax, videos, wrap party?
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