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'Lorax' Premiere Videos


'Orange' Carpet



Link to X17, cause embed is not working right. Starts ~:23.

Fan Videos

Junket Interview: Windy City Live

Schedule things:
Someone on twitter said something about Taylor and Zac's segments will be on ABC Family tonight, I don't know if that is for sure [ETA ACTUALLY TUESDAY NIGHT, see comments]. Apparently there is a segment on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday the 23rd (info). And Hall of Game awards are tonight so there should be something Lorax on there, lol.

And there is a cool new thing on The Lorax Facebook where you can add truffula trees to your profile pic or anything as part of "The Lorax Speaks" movement with The Nature Conservancy. As if truffula trees weren't cool enough, there was also this pic in their example :)

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