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At Soho House, maybe for a Liberal Arts screening


Given that I'm not sure it was a romantic dinner as X17 claims. IDK, lol.

Just imho…

I know people are going to jump all over the 'it's a fake PR' thing or whatever. Personally I don't know what this is. The timing is suspicious obviously. But people have cried PR about many a couple (including Z/V) because of the attention given to them, but that doesn't make the relationships fake. And agents, as some people apparently are claiming is the case here, set people up all the time and it isn't always fake (ie Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, not that that is a paragon of a perfect relationship).

So anyway, I don't know and I don't know if I care that much. Like of course I'd prefer he was in genuine relationship because I think that's probably healthier? But I also recognize relationships are currency in that world and, real or not, stars let them be used for attention when they have something to promote. For Zac who hasn't seemingly wanted to be in a long relationship for about a year, he's kind of stuck.

In a way, real or not, I'm grateful. To keep playing the field while promoting a movie, just feels like a recipe for PR disaster. Personally playing the field isn't my thing BUT I'm not going to judge him for it, he's young, handsome and well-off. His life. That said, I get the sense that TLO's (and even The Lorax's) principal audience, fair or not, would judge and be let down by someone who just wants to play the field right now. They want the schmoopy in-real-life romance.

Overall, real or not, they're playing the game pretty subtle with first avoiding being photographed together, then pretty grainy pics from a distance. As long as they don't get to, say, 10% of the Speidi level of fame-whoring, I'm just gonna chillax by the pool on this.

The one thing that is fascinating to me is that while avoiding the reputation of playing the field, it kind of (re)opens a whole different can of worms, the gay beard thing. This plagued Z/V and obviously they lasted far longer than a Disney bearding contract would've been enforced. Besides we all know it was real. But apparently that's easily forgotten. Let it be said that of all the things I've heard about Zac the past year, however long they've lasted, it's all been girls. Also I always feel badly for the girls who get labeled as beards. Can they ever date a famous person without some suspicion then? Is that fair? Anyway, it's just funny the way people deal with rumors and blinds. People want to be so cynical and smart and yet they really aren't that clever or informed about it at all.

Bottom line: If it is real, great. Not only do they look good together, they can be happy and enjoy themselves. If they're just friends playing the game, fine too… everyone plays the game. Mostly I just don't want them to be miserable being forced to hang out. Well, that and/or Speidi-like photo ops.
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