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Eve of Disney Stockholder's Meeting

A few weeks back a Disney investor posted a story about the March 6th Disney Annual Stockholder's Meeting. This year it is taking place in Albuquerque, the one and only home of the East High Wildcats.

Since there is not a whole lot to debate/discuss at the meeting, he thinks TPTB at Disney are planning something BIG! His guess is that the HSM cast is going to be at the conference, tying in the conference location to the company's obvious emphasis on HSM in their annual reports:

I am somewhat skeptical that Zac will be at this meeting. As we know, he is filming on the Isle of Man currently and Linklater and the producers make it sound like it is a very tight schedule. Also, a Zac fan at zefron said she will be on set as an extra on March 6th. Plus, due to scheduling (or for other unknown reasons), Zac does not always participate with the cast at every event (like the atrocious Disney Christmas Parade rewrite "What time is it? Christmas time!" whose only redeeming quality is that it makes me think of Love Actually, Bill Nighy, and "Christmas is All Around").

But there is always second unit work to be done and Zac has interrupted work before to fly half way around the world for Disney (during production on Hairspray he went to London and also to LA for several events). And, as my friend says, Zac is Disney's bitch.

So who knows? Maybe Zac'll find out what good ol' ABQ is really like in the winter. I hear it is supposed to snow there tomorrow. Maybe he can stop by Gardunos and get some (real) sopapillas. Yum!

ETA: As I expected, Zaccy was not in ABQ, nor was anybody else from HSM. Their BIG surprise was a new trailer for Wall-E. Oh well Zac, better luck next time on the sopapillas.

Of course, HSM was mentioned (my notes from webcast):

Opening comments mention ABQ is the mythical home of High School Musical and also that the HSM theatrical movie is an exciting upcoming project.

A man mentions HSM2 positively (wholesome, obliterated cable viewing records) but then annoys me criticizing Disney's stance on nudity on tv and content of ugly betty (sexual content, foul langage, etc....).

OT but they say Pirates 4 is being considered, there are no definite plans. (Personally, I do not want POTC4; the second and third were really not great.)

A girl asks about other tween programming coming other than HSM and Hannah Montana - no specifics given in answer.

A woman asks why HSM isn't filmed in ABQ and if they have any plans for other programs being filmed here because of new tax incentives recently announced. Speaker answers he doesn't know why HSM isn't filmed in ABQ but mentions incentives as a likely reason (in not so many words).
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