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Another 'Lorax' Clip, random event attending...

Another Lorax Clip, from Yahoo:

Also random events from the past couple nights

According to celebuzz, on Wednesday Zac went to this birthday party at Hamburger Mary’s for Avan Jogia which was also a fundraiser for Straight But Not Narrow. So yk there was that. He supposedly he chatted with Lily Collins (star of the upcoming Snow White movie ;) I have it on good authority that the whole crew there looked like a bunch of emo high schoolers. No shade, just repeating what I read, lol. Apparently there was bingo. I LOVE bingo so I think I would have enjoyed this party a lot.

Last night Zac went to a screening of Chronicle on the Fox lot.

I also would have enjoyed this because apparently the ice cream sandwiches were make your own and pretty epic.

I am always intrigued by these types of screenings in the sense that I wonder if this was one of those for fun things or if he had business connections. One of the production companies is tied to Selling Time which Zac may be working on. The other possibility, and maybe the one I prefer but is way more unlikely, is that he's interested in the writer's script called The Good Time Gang. This is the brief summary from the LA Times: "Follows two party-happy mercenaries who decide to take on a more serious case involving a terrorist, only to find their mission complicated when they discover one of them is related to the target." The last anyone heard, back in July, Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill were cast. Without some rewrites idk if Mark is really playing Jonah's partner or the related person because both the mercenaries are 20-something guys. Who knows though. But either way what I skimmed of the script was really funny and Zac would be awesome as one of the mercenaries. Though I kind of envisioned Shia more than Jonah fwiw. Again this option is way less likely than him going for fun or the production company… but yk pipe dreams, w/e.
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