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Making a mountain out of a molehill

I debated posting this cause it really is no big deal but since it isn't a big deal, I see no reason not to post it cause it is related to The Paperboy production. Stuff like this happens and not infrequently. Just too bad they were in LA and out in the open. I can never get TMZ's videos to embed so if you feel like watching this click on pic for their site:

TBH, I haven't even bothered watching, TMZ is always obviously baiting and when don't directors and producers haggle. This is especially true over money and especially with producer Avi Lerner who is, shall we say, frugal... I linked this awhile ago but here are some excerpts from THR's profile of Avi:
[Lerner] throws down his BlackBerry in disgust. "They always want more," he says. "They ask $4 million when they should be getting 4 dollars! They should be paying me." Then he laughs, shaking his head at his own exasperation. "Every day another movie, another problem," he groans, secretly enjoying every one of them...

"I felt very strongly about [Lee Daniels] -- he's meshuggah," he says fondly, using the Yiddish word for crazy -- "and CAA top people ask me to do it. Maybe -- maybe -- those people will remember I put this together."

He doubts it. Make no mistake: Lerner isn't looking for favors or acclaim. At his heart, he's a bottom-line guy, someone who won't spend a penny more than he has to, who's notoriously careful with his budgets while simultaneously being one of the few independents truly able to make a project happen....

"He's tight, tight, tight -- oh God, is he tight!" Daniels laughs. "But he's good for his word and I love him."

Anyway, I've been told the video really isn't that bad. And as stated on TMZ, "We contacted reps for both honchos, and were told, 'Both parties laughed it off,' adding, 'We hope the footage also shows them hugging moments later.'"

Not to mention:

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