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Casting Zac as Ted and more 'Lorax' Promo

A ton of sites have posted versions of a BTS interview for The Lorax today. Over at CinemaBlend's Going Behind The Scenes Of Dr. Suess' The Lorax article they seem to (maybe) have the most complete quote so far on Zac. Be sure to read all the BTS info, but this is the Zac-specific part:
To cast Zac [Efron], it’s funny when you start casting, when you set out to cast kids, there’s a real challenge at that age. First of all, their voices are at risk of changing overnight, which can be a production problem. And then a lot of kids today, at that age group, are trained to be TV actors. So you listen to hundreds of kids and they all kind of sound the same. They’re all pitched at the same place because that’s where the jobs are. So Chris Renaud was very interested in thinking older to get just some more substance in the voice, some more acting in the voice. And Zac Efron has this boyish quality to him, and it came through, it’s not only who he is – he’s very boyish as a person and it comes through in his voice. So with each one there’s a lot of discovery that happens. There’s a lot of reason why you are drawn to them and then there’s a lot of discovery along the way.

For fun, a couple of pics from Universal's Lorax party at Moomah in NYC (via TheLorax):

And I'm not sure (at all), but I feel like these are Universal viral stickers, given the quality. Either way it is awesome. I want to see them in my town. From

And I wanted to note that, taking the petition from that Massachusetts elementary school class to heart, Universal did add some awesome green tips to their website. Ed Norton even gave them props for it, lol:

eta: btw we should be getting a new 'lorax' trailer this week i think, just fwiw.
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