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Jan 19th
08:27 am
'Liberal Arts' Poster  

source via here

ETA: I think this is the Liberal Arts FB here btw. Not 100% sure but it does not seem like a fanpage.
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kleth on January 20th, 2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, kind of just "eh". But I have to admit, critical as I have been about some recent poster offerings, designing movie posters must be about the most difficult task in the movie-making business. Liberal Arts and a plethora of similar flicks are tough because the films don't have a defining visual element, no giant robot, explosion, or superhero; in this case, at least, they stepped back from the usual solution, just showing close-ups of the cast (CStC, NYE, TLO, the Paperboy not-official poster). But I don't know what this poster is selling - walks in the park, forestry?

Boo, no Zac Efron credit.