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Italian interview with Lee Daniels on 'The Paperboy'

Whoops, forgot to post this with the new poster earlier cause I'm a space cadet but there was an Italian interview with Lee Daniels posted recently. Online services provided mediocre translations so I kind of made a smoothed over one by mixing all of them.
What's happening [next]?
I can tell you about [The Paperboy] - a highly erotic thriller, with a lot of sex and much violence. It is balanced out with a Hollywood cast that was beyond my wildest dreams.

In what sense?
The stars I ended up with were not who was thought of originally. For the part of the protagonist I thought of Sofia Vergara, but behold got Nicole Kidman, who after not really engaging roles, wanted to return to the height of darkness/trouble (like Van Sant's To Die For in 1995). She changed her hair and look to be more aggressive. Then I contacted Tobey McGuire but I got John Cusack, Bradley Cooper was replaced by Matthew McConaughey. And we have the teen idol, Zac Efron. He confessed to me: "Kissing Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing but Nicole was too much, I was embarrassed to death."

Daniels also mentioned that it is a beautiful story and he was happy that Almodovar had been interested, that they had similar tastes. He also said it would be released in November in the US. IMO, it may end up in November but at this point I think that is kind of just the goal and nothing certain.

Other Paperboy news. Somewhere David Oyelowo mentioned that Daniels rewrote the part for him. And, though it was on imdb already, a blog posted about Mario Grigorov scoring the film.

And, ty Sara at breakingfree for linking me to this HQ HQ untagged version of The Paperboy poster here.
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