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Misc NYE Round-up plus the TLO still in SUPER HQ

WB International Junket Interview

The lifting story reminds me of Brittany Snow talking about him dropping her, lol.

Also a pic and interview from I'm not posting the whole interview since it is redundant but the interesting part is this and thank you so much! to @thezefron for helping with a translation.
Q: How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

A: At home with my parents and my younger brother! We celebrate Christmas traditionally, in fact my brother and I have a special tradition of our own, we wear special pyjamas!

Q: Tell us more about the pyjamas!

A: Years ago, my brother and I found a pair of pyjamas in our parents' wardrobe. They're actually more like night shirts than pyjamas. It started when my brother and I dressed up in those funny looking pyjamas to make our parents laugh. And ever since, it's become a family tradition to wear them. Every Christmas we'll wear the same piece of clothing, which have become quite small. My brother is about 6.6ft tall, so you can only imagine how he looks with a tight, small night shirt! Haha! We look pretty stupid! But it's a good time.

Q: What colors are these funny looking night shirts?

A: They're plaided in red and white and there's a matching sweater as well. And do I wear that sweater? Of course! It's just the four of us; my mum, my dad, my younger brother and I. We open our presents on Christmas day with our two Australian Shepherds who also join in on the Christmas celebration. It's wonderful. I love Christmas!

From MTV, Zac tells us what not to do on NYE:

Get More: Music News

A little bit of TLO. I wouldn't normally repost a still twice as news cause I try to avoid reposting same old news, but Collider posts the nicest untagged super HQ versions of pics so I wanted to share that with y'all. Click on the pic to go to their HQ version:

And I can't remember if I mentioned this before or not but the TLO Facebook is here.
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