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NYE: Japan and London Promo Leftovers

Zac made this heart with a NYE resolution on it while in Japan:

What is really cool I think is that they stuck it on a big ad (from moechuuuuun):

Elle Girl Japan has an interview up, but the google translation is pretty whack. I summarized what I could from it here:

- Basically a fan of everyone in the movie.
- Has memories of being in snowy Oregon with family for NYE, in a large room with close friends and a champagne toast.
- Thinks someday he'll want to see Times Square Ball Drop live.
- Talks about NYE and Japanese fashion. Likes to shop in Japan but did not have much time this trip.

Also there was apparently a UK round table interview as several sources share similar questions and answers. Some articles seem to pepper in old questions and answers so I am posting only excerpts...
“Kissing older ladies. It has become my thing now,” reveals Zac, who has dropped by to talk about his latest film. New Year’s Eve.

“I do identify with Paul in being the life and soul of the party. If there is a dance floor I tend to jump on it...too early.”

What advice would he have for any young actor lucky enough to be confronted with this dilemma [of transitioning out of teen star]? “I think it’s important to stay private,” he says after a long hum.

“It’s important to remember the big picture. Follow your heart and, most importantly, know what you want. It’s really hard. And you probably shouldn’t live in LA.”

“Yeah. Nobody saw [the success of HSM] coming. We were all shaking our heads,” he says...

“Suddenly I was on an airplane seat bigger than my bed at home. I was meeting fans all over the world. It was all very surreal. I’ll never forget that moment.”

“I have always felt my parents are two of the smartest individuals I know. Especially my dad. He is able to look at things in a really unique way. His is just an outside perspective that I trust and I will always look to him for a lot of advice. It helps they are outside the business, and they pride themselves on it. They are not producing my movies. They stay at home and watch and give me the perspective that I need.”

Oddly it was his dad who gave him the push he needed to take the next step on from being a Disney protégé.

“I’d hit that fork in the road where I had to pick going to college or doing Hairspray.

“I think it was that moment when my dad, who’d been all ‘You’re going to college or you are no longer my son’, that guy, was like ‘You should do Hairspray’. He helped me decide. You have got to follow your heart.

“I was going to study film at USC (University of Southern California) or I was going to study theatre at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

“As I was going to study film I thought ‘Man, I should go be in one’. I think I learned a lot more, because I’ve talked to people who have graduated that programme and they are still asking to come to set with me.”

“Coming into all this when young was strange,” he muses.

“It was fun in a lot of ways. But it required one to become a professional before one had become a human being. It’s like a constant balancing act. It was difficult at times. But I wouldn’t change it.”

birminghampost and irishtimes
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