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Walking post

Catching up here... walking (while buttoning) and walking accessorized:

Leaving hotel for NYC Premiere

Arriving at LAX, Dec 9

Plus one pic of Zac going to the Stick Fly Opening Night After Party,

Also there is this little bit on the NYE NYC After Party from NY Daily News:
At the after-party for the “New Year’s Eve” screening benefiting the Tribeca Film Institute on Wednesday in the Hilton Ballroom, Efron and his famous co-stars were surrounded by a herd of bodyguards attempting to block a crowd of 40 or so gawking women from snapping the star’s picture. Even director Garry Marshall felt the brunt of Efron’s boyish beauty: One of Marshall’s middle-aged female friends approached the filmmaker, asking “Can I meet Zac?” Marshall shrugged and replied, “He’s walking around somewhere.”

lol p.s. I totally fell asleep last night while making this post. I was so tired!
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