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DeNiro and a tiny bit on 'The Paperboy'

I'm going to do an HQ/Favs/Video post for the NYC Premiere tonight, once more pictures are up on fansites. But for now... I think what picture Zac was looking forward to most (well maybe second only to just one of the two of them, lol)... him and DeNiro:

From, which said this as well, "One guest asked Zac Efron to dance. 'Twist my arm,' Efron said. 'I will if you can find Michelle Pfeiffer,' he added, referring to his on-screen dance partner."

Also, from E!'s Marc Malkin, Zac being cagey on The Paperboy and Nicole Kidman:
"It's high-class problems," Efron quipped when I asked him at the New Year's premiere what it was like to go from Pfeiffer to Kidman.

Of locking lips with Pfeiffer, he smiled, "I'll just say I am very happy. It was a lot of takes."

Efron kept it tight-lipped when it came to Paperboy details, but did say that his and Kidman's characters' relationship "is very complicated."

So, could there be a steamy scene or two?

"It's fun," Efron teased. "We get to really have some fun."
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