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NYE - More Interviews, Press Conference Audio, etc. Press Conference Audio - doesn't embed but listen here.

Metromix Shayne Wells

ITN Showbiz 411



I think this must have been from a round table or mini press conference in London because several outlets are quoting the kissing machine, lol but seems to have a fairly complete version on their site:
New Year’s Eve has intersecting story-lines. What is yours about?

I play a scrappy, self-absorbed bike messenger who has a lot of connections around town. He knows how to get what he wants and uses people. He meets Michelle [Pfeiffer, co-star] who is the polar opposite: very timid and not living life to the full. She recruits Paul, my character, to take her around New York and help her accomplish all her past New Year’s resolutions. He shows her how to live life a little bit and at the same time he starts to fall for her.

What was it like working with Michelle Pfeiffer?

You’d worked together before. I was really young when I worked with her on Hairspray [2007 remake of the John Waters classic movie] and was very nervous around her. Every time I talked to her, I’d put my foot in my mouth. It was always awkward. But I really liked her and hoped I’d have the chance to work with her again. Then this film magically came around and I told her: ‘If you’re in, I’m 100 per cent in. I don’t care who else is in the movie.’ And she said: ‘Let’s do it.’ I actually got to hang out with her a lot and drive motorcycles through New York City. It was fun.

What was it like kissing her?

It’s everything you’ve dreamed of. It was amazing and one of the best parts of the movie for me. I’ve always wanted to kiss her and I checked it off my bucket list.

Did you have a crush on her when you were growing up?

Yeah, I still do.

What is it like being a heart-throb – modesty aside?

It is weird because that is not how I feel. I honestly don’t feel like I deserve any of the attention. There are 150 guys that are just like me except they are more talented and they probably deserve to be here instead. It’s a fluke.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t save them for New Year. If I decide I want to do something new I set to it right away. But if I have a resolution it is to spend more time with my family. They only live three hours away from LA, in San Luis Obispo, but I don’t make it out there enough. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for them. Getting back there is more and more important to me.

Do you still go on camping trips with your brother and dad?

We do. I just bought them new backpacks and soon we are going to set off on an epic trip. We won’t go to the jungle because there are too many mosquitoes and we get eaten alive. There must be something in our blood. I want to climb Mount Whitney in California. We will probably hike the Appalachian Trail [a 3,500km trek in the Eastern US]. OK – that’s a New Year’s resolution. My life is so crazy I have to get out of LA. It is just nice to see virgin land, to be somewhere that no one else has been, at least for a couple of weeks.

Any more resolutions?

I still haven’t gone skydiving, which I meant to do years ago. I want to check out China and India and just go get lost, do some Indiana Jones stuff.

When you go on those trips in the wild, do fans still find you?

Believe me, the fans are out there too. I run into them while I’m hiking every once in a while.

How will you spend Christmas?

It’s always the same crowd: my little brother Dylan, Mom, Dad and the dogs. I hope to never break that tradition. We wrap presents secretly on Christmas Eve and the next morning we open them one at a time and have dinner — it’s traditional and good fun.

What films have you got coming up?

In The Lucky One [out in May] I play a US marine sergeant who comes home from the war in Iraq. The Lorax is an animated film [adapted from a Dr Seuss book] with Danny DeVito and The Paper Boy is a coming-of-age story about a conflicted young guy in 1969 with Nicole Kidman.

Do you kiss her too?

I do! It was great and fun. I’m a kissing machine!

Would you like to direct?

I definitely think about it all the time but I know deep down I’m not quite ready for it yet.

What was your Plan B if you hadn’t made it as an actor?

At one point I wanted to be a doctor to help people. I had all kinds of crazy ideas, I loved drawing and thought, man, I could just do comic books. But once I found acting I knew I wanted to do that.

Since you starred in High School Musical, your career has soared. Is that due to sheer talent or just good luck?

I was very lucky but I knew my goal from day one and stuck to it. That was to work hard with directors who are challenging and different. A couple of years ago, a musical seemed like the road less travelled. That’s the path I always prefer to take in life.

From USA Today:
NYE's most unlikely couple: That's up for audiences to decide, but Efron steals the show in NYE playing a cocky bike messenger who fulfills the wish list of a timid secretary (Pfeiffer). Breaking the ice with the famous actress was easier this time for Efron. "When we were doing Hairspray, I was very young and very shy around her," Efron explained. On NYE, now a bit older, Efron sharpened his acting skills around the pro — to mixed results. "Any time I would try and improv or throw a challenge at her in any way she would come back and just school me," he laughed.
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