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NYC fanpics, a few premiere, and a Jimmy Fallon promo

I'm going to post a couple premiere pics (formal) and a bunch of fan pics here. And then tomorrow I'll post more pics and videos. True story… I'm exhausted, lol. And I know if I try to post this stuff now, I will keep screwing it up taking twice as long and making me really grumpy. So for now this is it, lol. But here are some links for more gg, jj, jjj


From RichardMarin:

From vsalles_:

From karlarocksss:

From alyssaxnoelle:

From xo_carolyn:

From mynameisjune:

From Regis and Kelly:

From FauxNicoleA:

From live4_music:

From Team_ZacEfron:


From janellvh1:

From animallover625:

From kaileedavis:

From KatieMCorrado:

Jimmy Fallon Promo

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