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NYE Junket Interviews

I'm going to post The Today Show (which is already on their site here) and Live! a little bit later cause they have some pics to go with them. But here is a round up of other junket videos… they aren't half bad interviews either. Also red carpet favs post coming momentarily.

Celeb Factory
(surprisingly good interview, discusses Glee and lol what he'd do if stuck in an elevator, among other things)
p.s. I think this originated here, but I haven't really heard of this outlet. Let me know if they are from somewhere else, I'm half awake and in a rush for a doctor's appointment, so I'm not really trying hard to find out a diff source

BlackTree Media:

RTE Ireland

Glamour UK: Hollywood Dailies

AP Red Carpet

Abigail talks about meeting Zac at ADR on Leno

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