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Kendal Tuttle on his role in 'The Lucky One' & Zac

Thank you so much to twitterer Michelle, @awalkintherain, for alerting me to this great blog post from Kendal Tuttle who plays Aces in The Lucky One. Here are some excerpts:
My only scene is at the very beginning of the movie (so don't be late to the theatre!...haha), as Aces and Logan come face-to-face nearly firing on one another while clearing a building.

Because the scene is short, they had only scheduled me for one day of shooting. But I learned later that they were bringing me in for military training. Director Scott Hicks wanted everything as authentic as possible, so I came a week early to get a crash course boot camp. Our training unit had us learning all the guns, how to hold them, shoot them, even how to walk and stand. The training culminated in learning what we were to be doing in our scene -- "taking" or clearing an enemy-combatant building. Zac joined us in training on most days, which is where we all gained some cohesiveness. We were all very professional, but it was nice when we got to relax and be a little crazy. I was relieved to find Zac as nice and approachable and professional as he was. Also, some days were lighter than others, giving us all plenty of time to tour New Orleans.

... [Scott Hicks] directed our scene with precision, even re-working our lines to flow better and consulting our "military experts" on the tiniest detail.

Click over to the source for the spoilers I left out and also for a couple other pics and a bit more on Tuttle's interactions with Hicks.
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