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Possible progress on 'Einstein Theory'

In nebulous project news, Einstein Theory came up in Production Weekly yesterday and some updates have followed elsewhere. The notable things are that the logline changed and there is a director attached.

Obviously this is all very tenuous and until a formal announcement is made, this has to be taken with a grain of salt cause things change all the time and false info isn't impossible.

The logline was formerly:
A young student cracks a puzzle created by Einstein that unlocks clues to the future and a sinister group goes after him.

And now reads:
Action-adventure sci-fi thriller about a nobody teenager and an obsessive professor who race against time to solve Einstein's Theory of Everything before it gets into the wrong hands.

Not much new to say about that without more info. It does sound like it is set in college given the professor title, though I'd prefer him to be a 20+ nobody at this point but maybe that is just kind of vague in the script. Adding a mentor is a good idea I think and there are a lot of awesome casting options.

More interesting is the director that is attached - Joe Cornish. Cornish seems like a really great fit for this and hopefully it is true. He's become a hot property after his first directorial effort, Attack the Block, became a fanboy fav and garnered a cult following. He wrote that film as well and also has a writing credit on Steven Spielberg's upcoming The Adventures of Tintin which is receiving early praise.

He recently was promoting the DVD/Bluray release of Attack the Block and everybody wanted to know what was coming next. At New York Comic-Con (Oct 13-16), he said the following:

That vague type of answer was pretty standard at most interviews there.

He went into slightly more detail about what it is like choosing the next step with
Shock: One of the more interesting things that came out of this experience is that literally before the movie even came out, your name was being mentioned as being in talks for a couple big projects. Do you have a lot of people chasing after you to direct their movies and how do you feel about that as someone who developed his own project? Do you feel you need to write your own material or want to continue on as a director finding good scripts?

Cornish: I don't know. I don't know how I feel about it. It's all fairly new to me, and I'm definitely being sent stuff and offered stuff and talking to some amazing people. I've met a lot of my heroes in the last six months and producers I really admire and I've got ideas of stuff I want to do, but I'm open if a script came along that was super-cool, I would definitely consider doing it, but I do think there's a particular strength in being a writer-director. I really admire Edgar's work, I really admire Quentin Tarantino's work. I think a writer-director at their best is the best ‘cause the work is so authored.

Shock: True, but it's tough, since that often means making a movie every three years...

Cornish: But that's cool, that's fine. There's enough people to make other movies.

Shock: You don't want to be like Michael Winterbottom and have five movies every year?

Cornish: I don’t know, I don’t know. That's interesting, isn't it? I also think it's interesting what Duncan Jones did. I think he went straight into "Source Code," which I thought was interesting and interesting what Rupert Wyatt did after "The Escapist," he took a big, big budget movie and has done very successfully with "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." So I'm just trying to figure it out. I'm looking around, I'm trying to take it all in and trying to take it slowly and surely.

He did explain to The Playlist though that he declined doing Die Hard 5 because it was too big of a step for him and that Wyatt was braver than he was.

So this project might be the right size step for him. And it may also give him a chance to work on the script as well but not as full on writer (which he has said is somewhat exhausting). You may recall that Einstein Theory was sent to an open-writing assignment a few months ago. There is now another writer listed, Mark Fischer, but he seems rather inexperienced so it is possible that Cornish may also be doing some polishing and making the material more his own.

Talking to the same interviewer from The Playlist in a different article, maybe also from at NYCC, he said:
And what of further adventures of the misfit youths tasked with defending earth from extraterrestrial invaders. Will there be an “Attack the Block 2?” Cornish seemed pretty noncommittal. “That’s just something I find fun to think about and come up with ideas about. I’ve been so wrapped up in promoting it and am about to start work on a completely different thing...” he said.

And also yesterday he was speaking at the London Screenwriters Festival and said something apparently unclear about being done with research on his next project, but not...
Auntie Nubbins: ha ha....after saying he'd just finished all the research for his next film, Joe is now saying he's still doing it #Schtummmmm

Yeah idk, lol.

One other interesting note on timing. This is pure speculation, but it is interesting that this attachment, if legit, came after Zac was in London. Cornish is from London and went back to London recently, probably after NYCC. So though the trip obviously was a vacation, perhaps Zac had a chance to meet up with Cornish for a little business. Or maybe that is just wishful thinking.

Anyway, given the last two comments by Cornish I included, it definitely seems as though Cornish is ready for something new and something definitive. Whether it is indeed Einstein Theory or not obviously we have to wait and see. While Production Weekly is more reliable than say imdb, again this could be complete fantasy that someone submitted for fun. I suspect if it is legit and it is a priority we might hear something soon. As always I'm hungry for news on whatever is coming next.
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