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Article about filming at Rockingham

From Richmond County Daily Journal:
Tween idol, Zac Efron, and Hollywood long-timer, Dennis Quaid, spent last weekend in Rockingham at “The Rock” learning to handle a race car and wrapping up filming on their latest flick...

The former Disney star learned to drive like a pro at Rockingham Speedway this past weekend, through the Fast Track Driving School.

“The crew was in Richmond County over the weekend, and I’ve heard that the actors were spotted around town when they weren’t on set at the track,” said Robert Ingraham, director of operations at the speedway.

Speedway owner and former NASCAR driver Andy Hillenburg served as lead stunt coordinator, according to Ingraham.

Fast Track Driving School provided the cars and expertise needed to film the last segment of the movie.

So, if you thought you saw famous faces from the big screen hanging around town last weekend, chances are you were probably right.

I'm sort of surprised Dennis was apparently there, did not expect that, lol.
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