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Producer Fredrik Wikstrom talks about Snabba Cash remake

From moviezine via, translation via Google with help from Sara at
It is long since we heard anything about the American remake, "Easy Money". What happens there?
There is a script on it, which I think is pretty good actually. The story set in New York and I think it works very well to do about an American story. It will not be made like a Stieg Larsson movie, this is really an American setting, American characters and everything. There is not a production decision on it yet and no director, so it is still being developed.

Is Zac Efron still involved?
Yes, he is still supposed to play the lead role as JW. His name is a draw there in the U.S. It is only he who is cast as yet.

So what are waiting for now?
That is a bit typical of Hollywood, that things end up in development, then you get to see, all of a sudden maybe the movie will be made very soon ... It depends on many things. You never know if it will be a movie until you stand on a shooting location, so it is uncertain as with everything in Hollywood. But I am quite sure that one day there will be an American remake. There's a big interest in doing a remake of "Snabba Cash". We now sold it to Warner Bros, and if they don't do the movie the movie rights will go back to "Tre Vänner". Then we'll find another way to do this remake. It will happen one day.
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