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oy, this really sticks in my craw

Sorry to say for all the people in/from Illinois that are actually reasonable and polite, especially the ones I know and like... but seriously, what is wrong with some of y'alls:

If true...

At first I was like, why would he want to be nice to people who are assholes to him and steal his shoes. First his hat and then his shoes.

BTW - someone found the hat-stealer:

Though honestly Zac is usually ridiculously patient with the crazies especially at sets, moreso than I would be.

But then my sister, who likes Zac but knows his faults and is hardly a defensive stan, had a really great point.

How does he know that this person who stole his shoes isn't some fucked up stalker?

Disclaimer: fucked up was my sister would never, ever, ever say that.

Producers have said they don't have a lot of security. And I myself have noticed some nutjob impersonating someone on FB friending almost anyone who mentioned seeing him in Illinois... this person didn't seem to care about his whereabouts in New Orleans as far as I saw, just Illinois. Creepy as fuck, right?

He's famous, they don't have much security, theft is creepy and worrisome = don't put yourself at risk.

And yk, true or not, whatever reason he couldn't... they need to get over their fucking selves.

As I am aware and freely say, Zac is far from perfect and, yes, he can be a douche at times. But how many of their friends got pics with him? We have a couple dozen at least just from the second half of filming and that was just from open fbs and twitters to say nothing of locked fbs. Bottom-line he's been really nice and accommodating to people there, they need to move on.
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