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Some pics from filming the past couple days

Two days ago
From heyimshaina and yvetteaguilar:

From OLV:

From Katie S. zacefron_news:

From tiffanytalks blogspot:

See that silver car in the background? Zac Efron was totally in that car. We saw him. And they let Sydney touch it.

Parts of her story:
The reason I ditched the kids (just one of mine, and a friend of hers) in the street and went into a bar was that they'd committed to hanging out on the corner hoping to catch a glimpse of Zac Efron long as it took. I stuck it out for three hours before walking the half-block to a local bar/restaurant...

My daughter and her friend were herded off the street onto the lawn of a nearby building, from which they couldn't see a darned thing. I watched Zac Efron shoot about a hundred and seventy-five takes of the same scene while the girls huddled around the corner and wondered whether they were ever going to see him...and then a DA pulled me out of the bar and asked me to be an extra.

Fortunately, in the exact moment that I was stepping out onto the street, the girls showed up at the back door of the bar (a family-owned pub attached to a restaurant) and asked for me, and so ended up watching the final takes of the movie from a perfect vantage point directly across the street from Efron while I stood and chatted silently with a couple of other extras and the owner of the bar...

Fortunately, they only shot "my" scene four times.

From twitter, it sounds like he couldn't stick around for pictures last night unfortunately.

Also there was this video on local news about filming wrapping. The most interesting thing is at the tail end when the news reporter says they have reshoots left to do. So it sounds like they've added a day, which fits with some other info out there. Who knows for sure but maybe the schedule for reshoots is why he couldn't stick around last night.

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