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MANY Pics from Sycamore Speedway

~A bunch from Facebook (ty fb person)~


winner winner chicken dinner


someone is NOT happy (aka fight fight fight)

much closer

A Few Twitpics

From MelZarr:

From theskyeffect:

From heyimshaina:

From kylesudges:

From tumblr? (via twitter via pb)... lol my dad would be proud I pegged the cart as a mule!

From kAYY0HHh630:

A story from kwangpika tumblr (via twitter)
Now for Zac Efron, it took almost, 1 hour and a half probably till he came. My dad kept wanting to leave but i really wanted to see him. (judge me xoxo). When he came, he was also in a golf cart and i didn’t recognize him till like 2 seconds and my friends and i yelled. LOL. You’re probably thinking i’m a loser tbh. I don’t care, eh eh eh eh ;u;

The girls practically went crazy, i mean i was too but i wasn’t going to the fence trying to jump over. LOL. He kept smiling and man, his smile is divine. I was about 40-45 feet away? it was just eurgheirogsehgseuhn

He then got into his racecar uniform and went into the car and they just went around the track for 2-3 times and each time he came by he was waving

ugh uhrg983wht4owanjfawhui4gt

Then when it was over he came out and took his uniform off and this other shirt he had on and the shirt he was wearing…

ANYWAY. He left for awhile and they filmed with the stunt doubles. Then he came again and they did the same and after he got out he spoke to us.


He told us thanks for coming out and he hopes we’ll enjoy the movie and yadadada.

He said he loved us and then left. OTL. At least i saw him.

After that they were filming again and asking for cheers, and etc for the movie.

After 4 hours or so we left.

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