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Bahrani Filming Info Updates

To update speculation on when Zac will be back in Illinois, some new info has come up through casting and local news info.

The Rochelle News-Leaders says they will be filming in Rochelle, IL on October 14th:
A large portion of filming is taking place in DeKalb County, but downtown Rochelle is getting in on the action as well...

On Oct. 14, film crews will start setting up at 10 a.m. and work will continue until roughly 1 a.m. the next morning.

A local casting agency also listed a request for a photo-double a few days ago. They stated that the person needed to be available September 26 to October 14.

Given this information it sounds like they have expanded their shooting time by several days, especially if this does not include the North Carolina filming (if that is still planned).

In other news, the casting call had a huge turn-out.

The local news did a report on the casting session here. Only mentions Zac but if you are bored, enjoy.

Also a pic from inside the theater from Emily_Bidstrup:

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