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'Paperboy' Wraps, Bahrani starts up again soon

The Paperboy wrapped yesterday after 34 days of shooting. Now the long wait begins until we get to see how it turns out!

It always makes me sad when a project ends, it doesn't seem to matter that I'm not even a part of the crew, lol.

Bahrani news...

There has been an open casting call put out, see info here.

There is also some confusion about whether it has started filming or not. On Location Vacations said they were filming as of Wednesday and that Zac was there.
[Wednesday] the movie was spotted filming at the DeKalb County Courthouse in Sycamore, IL and they are expected to continue filming in the area through the beginning of October - source

UPDATE: OK, I’ve straightened out the confusion about the Sycamore shoot. Apparently it is the untitled Zac Efron movie that has been filming in IL (and he was there [Wednesday] night) - source

I'm pretty sure he was still in New Orleans yesterday (and I believe Dennis was still filming What to Expect..." in Atlanta, GA). We also haven't had any indication of setup or, like last time, dozens of people seeing/hearing about Zac, Dennis or other crew being there.

Plus, maybe most reliable, one of the production companies said on August 8th that they start back up on September 28th:

Given that, it sounds like he has a bit of time off and maybe he'll head home for a few days.
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