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'Paperboy' and 'Liberal Arts' Updates

From People Mag via twitter ZacEfron_News (bigger version there):

Also a few more twitters from exec producer Cassian Elwes and Macy Gray:

I won't post it but there is a nice pic of Matt M. and some non-Zac bts info on The Paperboy at this Hollywood Reporter article, "Producer Avi Lerner: The Most Unlikely Movie Mogul"

Zac got added to the imdb page for Liberal Arts as the character Nat. If that is correct, that's kind of a cool part from what I can gather. And not something he's really played before. Nat is a sort of mystical hippie type, a wise fool. Think of Zoolander's Hansel mixed with the magical janitor from 17 Again and just a tiny dash of Dazed and Confused's Slater.
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