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TCA Winner and Bahrani break

LOL based on twitter, it sounded like jbiebs had won this but when I saw the press release on the AP it actually showed Zac won for Red Carpet Fashion Icon. Color me shocked and amused.

I am going to pretend this award is for all his red carpet fashion not just this past year. I am making a celebratory post but it's taking awhile. So. Wait for it, lol.

As I expected/thought, though the Bahrani pic did some more shooting after Zac took off for New Orleans, they are now taking a break while Zac finishes The Paperboy and will resume in September. This was confirmed by Crain's Chicago Business:
Next month also will see three more weeks of shooting in downstate DeKalb to wrap up a star-studded independent film by award-winning independent film director Ramin Bahrani.... The film crew and cast are currently taking a break after several weeks of filming in the area earlier this summer, according to the producer.
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