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Best and Worst for John Hancock's at TIFF08

Shovine surveyed "fans, film festival volunteers, official (and non-official) celebrity photographers, and most importantly the personal and professional autograph collectors" to find out which celebs were best and worst for autographs during this year's Toronto International Film Festival. These are their results:


1. BENICIO DEL TORO - The Che star was almost everywhere during his few days in Toronto - late nights and early mornings. But Del Toro never refused to sign. When one autograph collector mentioned that Benicio did 21 photos in a row at one stop for him - he was crowned our TIFF ‘08 signing champ.

2. VIGGO MORTENSEN - Viggo does have a dislike for the professional autograph guys and the blue pens. But we can’t deny this guy goes out of his way to please his fans and sign lots of autographs.

3. ROSE McGOWAN - Star in pop art stuff for Tarantino and the upcoming comic adaptation Red Sonja and your sure to be chased hard for autographs. And Rose certainly was. But McGowan did not disappoint and signed anything and everything put in front of her.

4. GERARD BUTLER - The 300 star was a man-about-town during the Toronto festival attending many premieres and parties. Gerard was always willing to sign and pose for picture with fans (and he was asked. A LOT.)

5. KATE BECKINSALE - The BEST list continues to be filled with BRITS. And KATE was more than willing to sign autographs at most occasions she was stopped. And Beckinsale certainly looked beautiful in the process.

6. JIM STURGESS - The white-hot British actor is riding the success of 21 and Across the Universe and could not have been more like the regular guy out and about in Toronto during the Festival. Jim never refused an autograph or photo request from fans and collectors. A true gentleman.

7. DAKOTA FANNING - Dakota is only 15 but already a festival veteran when it comes to Toronto with many appearances here the years. While the requests for her autograph can be a bit much at times - Dakota always seemed willing to sign - even when the powers around her have had enough.

8. ZAC EFRON - Another white-hot actor fresh from the High School Musical phenomenon that was surprisingly very good when it came to autograph requests. Zac signed up a storm at his premiere.



1. JIMMY PAGE - Disappointing for many, considering Page was the one autograph everybody wanted. Jimmy was at least nice and did explain to collectors - from the moment he landed in Toronto that he “was not doing the autograph thing anymore. Kind of finished with that.” For his three days in Toronto - he basically stuck to his word and signed nothing. At least, almost nothing.

2. KEVIN ZEGERS - Kevin did sign a little here and there. But it was his curt, rude remark, “I’m not here for autographs” to some waiting fans that zoomed Zegers to #2 on our worst signers list.

3. THE EDGE - A little surprising considering The Edge is generally known to willingly sign autographs for fans when on tour with U2. But on this occasion at the Toronto Film Festival, The Edge was following Jimmy Page’s lead and signing nothing.

4. JESSICA BIEL - She seemed to make herself available enough to the paparazzi as Biel would regurarly walk on popular Toronto streets during the festival. But ask Biel to sign an autograph? and you will get no response back (and no autograph.)

5. JENNIFER ANISTON - Aniston did scribble a few signatures for the cameras at her TIFF premiere - but in any other circumstance fans or collectors saw Jennifer in during her few days in Toronto, she just would not touch pen to paper (or photo.)

6. QUEEN LATIFAH - As the Queen migrates fully from music star to movie star - Latifah has also slowly moved from the Best signers list to the worst. She was terrible about signing autographs in Toronto. Just would not do it.

7. ALAN ALDA - No real surprise here. According to long-time autograph collectors, Alda has been a tough signature for years. Even with two movies in the Toronto Festival and numerous opportunities to ask Alda - he would just give the same reply, “no thanks.”

8. JOHN MALKOVICH - Just look at his performances on the screen. Are you really surprised to hear that Mr. Malkovich is not a nice man and refuses to sign for the collectors? Con Air? In the Line of Fire?


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