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Round-up: TLO Date Hint, NYE pics and HQ trailer, Paperboy begins

The Lucky One

First off, Mr. Sparks just twittered:

Pushing back dates is nothing to be discouraged about. (ETA: And technically there was never a date set formally so it isn't even really 'pushed back'.)

As I mentioned before, in my opinion, no weekend felt open enough until April anyway. Anything sooner, especially in January or February, would handicap the film's potential success.

Plus March and April are better months in general for films than January to begin with. On top of that, don't forget 17 Again was pushed back a few times to land in April and that did well.

Not that I can guarantee TLO will be as good as or do as well as 17 Again but this is better for the film... even if it is hard to wait.

New Year's Eve

The People Mag pic as a still:

HQ at source

eta: You'll have to toggle to 720 or 1080 if you want. I specified HD on the YT embed but I guess it doesn't work.

The Paperboy

Last but not least... yesterday was the first day of principal photography on The Paperboy in New Orleans. How exciting!

Yesterday they were working with Nicole and John at a small apartment complex on Napoleon Ave. This is the same complex they used for filming parts of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Today they are filming at a beach with Nicole and Zac. There aren't a lot of proper beaches in the New Orleans area so I'm curious where they went. And maybe more curious if the paparazzi will find them and snap Nicole sunning while Zac ogles her (hopefully while being shirtless lol).
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