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NYE & TLO Updates

New Year's Eve

A film trailer for NYE was just approved for a PG/green band rating (note: the film itself will likely be PG-13). The timing is basically right on schedule if WB wants to attach it to their romcom Crazy, Stupid, Love opening next weekend. Hopefully it will pop up online even before next Friday.

The Lucky One

Still no news of a trailer on that front... :/ But a couple small news items have popped up over the past week.

Taylor Schilling talks Zac (from HollywoodLife rme):
What it’s like to work with one of the hottest men in Hollywood, Zac Efron!

“Incredible,” Taylor tells exclusively. “He’s a frreaking fantastic actor, too. It was incredible.”

Schilling spent months in the South filming and hanging out with Efron.

“We were all in New Orleans for four months and it was just like, he’s really someone who is coming to his own. He’s the best,” she says.

And can we expect a romance connection between the two onscreen?

“Most definitely,” she says. “It’s a Nicholas Sparks movie. It’s one of those epic romances, it’s very sweet.”

And new composer for the TLO score (from Film Music Reporter):
Mark Isham has recently recorded his score for the upcoming drama The Lucky One. The composer has taken over scoring duties from Hal Lindes who was originally attached to write the music for the film as reported earlier this year.
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