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Zac for Namor?

The always-reliable ShowbizSpy reports:
ZAC Efron is in talks to play sea-bound superhero Namor.

Movie bosses want the former High School Musical star to play Marvel’s Sub-Mariner in a big screen version of the comic book character.

“Zac is seen as perfect for the role,” reveals a movie insider.

“He can fit the role physically and has the acting skill necessary and he has a fanbase to help make the movie a hit. Namor is an unusual character but the underwater aspect is something producers are very excited to be putting onto the big screen.”

Clearly anything is possible but there is a big question mark over this story for several reasons...

Aside from the specious source, Zac really DOES NOT fit the role physically. Yes, he has an incredible physicality to him and has proven capable of underwater filming so he could handle that part of it. But this is Namor:

His stats:

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 320 lbs.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Hair: Black

This next bit isn't doesn't really undermine the rumor but the whole project perhaps. There is a big question mark over who actually has the rights to Namor. I'm sure the studios must know but within comic fandom there is a long discussion on it and no clear answer.

Universal for a LONG time owned the rights to the film version. Marvel did not.

And now no one knows. Fox might have rights to it because I guess they have rights to anything classified as mutant in the Marvel universe and apparently Namor is a mutant (plus he's worked with X-Men and Fantastic Four, both Fox properties). But did the rights lapse at any point that would give Fox a foothold? And of course Namor is originally a Marvel creation so could it have reverted back to Marvel Studios?

Anyway. I feel like if true, this news would've come from a film blogger not a gossip site. So whatever. I'm still holding out hope for him as Wally West.
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