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Robot Chicken Star Wars III Extras and Bahrani News Bit

Rowbot Chicken Star Wars III Extras

There was another mention in an alternate commentary but it was previously posted here in January.

Excerpts from five questions on the Bahrani film in The Des Moines Register:
Iowa Speedway president Jerry Jauron expects his Newton venue to be featured prominently in one scene.

"Efron's character catches a big break to race, and it just so happens that he races in the ARCA races at the Iowa Speedway," Jauron said.


This is a one-take shot: ARCA Series announcers will belt Efron's movie name (rumored to be Dean Whipple). Efron will walk across the pre-race stage, shake the hands of several sponsors and Jauron, then proceed to Pit Road, hop in the car and get strapped in. Just before the race begins, Efron will jump out of the car, and the real driver will hop in and race.

"The goal is for Zac to look as if he's been racing his whole life," Jauron said.

[Producer Pamela] Koffler hopes the scene will be as realistic as possible.

"We're there not to impact how the event unfolds. We're there to capture what it would really be like," she said.

One take? I hope it went well!
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