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Video from Bahrani set today

From KCCI Des Moines:

Also this:
"It's controlled chaos here at Iowa Speedway this weekend. We've been working on this project just over a month and actually got the go-ahead less than 10 days ago or 11 days ago. So now, we have to squeeze a lot in the next 48 hours because most of the film that's shot here is going to be done today and tomorrow when the race fans are in the grandstands," said Jerry Jauron, Iowa Speedway president.

Actors Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid are at the racetrack to tape scenes for a new, as-yet untitled racing movie.

"This is big stuff. You got A-list Zac Efron, Dennis Quaid right here at the Iowa Speedway. Chance of a lifetime to be part of a movie," said Jauron.

Describing it as real-life clearly demonstrates that though he's using big actors this time around, Bahrani is still very much working in his neo-realist style.

There is another rather grainy pic here, but the video is cooler so just posting that.

Also the Iowa Speedway designer and part owner Rusty Wallace speaks a bit about filming here. From this I get that the filming is during the ARCA stock car race during the afternoon and is actually going to be on Speed Network (which I may or may not get, lol) so idk if they would have any coverage or mention the filming but it might be worth just keeping an ear on.
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