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A Question for the Ages: Nipples or Moles

We've made the jokes before, and maybe encouraged the idea (lol...) that Zac has 3 or 4 nipples. What can I say, Chandler made it funny!

And I guess some press release just made the rounds that a doc was CERTAIN they were nipples because they follow something called the mammary lines (ya learn something new every day).

E! Online had this to say:
Earlier today, dermatologist Sandra Lee (different lady)—presumably schooled at the University of Too Much Time on Her Hands—rendered the world both shocked and squinty after announcing that, after much consideration of Efron's nekkid torso (ahem), she had come to the conclusion that he had a case of the Mark Wahlbergs.

In other words, a third nipple.

Now, sure, it's not the first time someone has suggested as much—but it is the first time a board certified M.D. has gone on record with a diagnosis. But is it really true? Is that superfluous speck really, as the doc claims, a supernumerary nipple? Make yourself decent, because this rumor is…

So false! Consider this rumor, um, nipped.

Despite Dr. Lee's assertion, Efron's rep denied to E! News that the actor had an extra mammary (which, we're assuming, has to be one of the more surreal statements a publicist can issue about their client).

For more lulz and the full press release, see Gawker.

I don't care if it is true or not. It just gives me the world more reason to stare at his chest for a few more hours. So in that spirit, peruse below and then feel free to vote.



Not really any good high quality/clear pics of his nips this year, sorry...

Oddly enough they seem a lot lighter here, maybe removed like his face mole (RIP face mole).

But then they seem somewhat darker again here...


The True Story of How Zac Efron's Nipples Got Their Names

We were horsing around on twitter last year when Zac ~*~allegedly~*~ was shirtless in McDonalds in Hawaii and we decided to name Zac's nipples...

Poll #1761520 Zac Efron's Spots

Are they...

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