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Bahrani details and a small cast update to 'The Paperboy'

As we know from twitter/fb, Zac left for Illinois on Sunday night and was seen in Sycamore, near DeKalb, yesterday...

Scotty is getting very Fight Club or something on the situation.

The Bahrani pic has asked locals for help with authentic area T-Shirts...
The [DeKalb County Convention and Visitors Bureau] is coordinating all local contacts for the crew and actors. The wardrobe department has asked the DCCVB to reach out to all local businesses in DeKalb County to donate two (at minimum) t-shirts and hats that have your business logo on them. It is possible that you will see your company t-shirt or hat worn by one of the actors or extras in the film. They have no specific sizes for hats but the sizes of t-shirts they need to gather are: M, L., XL., XXL. They will even take slightly used t-shirts if you have them to contribute...

This is a unique opportunity for all of our local businesses to get involved with the filming of the movie. Feel free to bring in coupons or gift certificates from your business for the cast and crew as well. They have about 40 crew members and 6 actors that have been announced to-date. The Convention and Visitors Bureau will make sure that these get delivered to the cast and crew as well.

Please feel free to forward this request to all your business contacts in DeKalb County. We want everyone that wants to contribute to get involved with this exciting project. The DCCVB wants to Thank you in advance for helping out and letting the film crew know how much we appreciate them choosing DeKalb County for some of the locations and setting up shop here.


Showbiz 411 reports the following cast addition for The Paperboy:
Daniels is adding R&B star Maxwell, a multi-Grammy nominee and award winner, to his cast for “The Paperboy.”
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