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Info on Bahrani and 'The Paperboy'

Ok so here is as much as I know on The Paperboy and the Bahrani pic schedule.

Over the past few weeks the filming date for The Paperboy has been pushed back a few times (casting issues as we know) resulting in confusing information across the interwebs.

Per Production Weekly, start dates changed as follows...

June 23 issue: June 30 issue: July 7 issue (as of 7/1):
The Paperboy - July 4
Untitled Bahrani - Mid-July
The Paperboy - July 25 The Paperboy - August 1

Now on June 26th, the Chicago Film Office posted August 1 as the approximate start date for the Bahrani pic. Starting on the same days sounds not so good but all hope is not yet lost.

In the last post on the schedule conflict, I mentioned in passing that Zac was not listed in the description for the film on the production company's facebook. At the time, that was maybe the most worrisome evidence since he should've been listed as it was a recent description.

That changed this morning. The description was amended and includes both Dennis and Zac.

Hopefully this bodes well, even if it isn't clear yet how they'll make the timing work. And, of course, as a disclaimer... this is just a sequence of the latest information that is out there. Nothing is set in stone until they start filming.

Both films are still actively casting. Two people have been added on the imdb page for the Bahrani pic. If it is accurate info, these are the new castmates:

Maika Buckley - Cadence Farrow

Cadence is Dean's girlfriend. Maika is also a competitive kitesurfer. Maybe they can hit Lake Michigan for some kitesurfing lessons on their days off.

Red West - Cliff Whipple

Cliff is Dean's grandfather. Red has worked with Bahrani before on Goodbye Solo

And from Nicholas Sparks' WhoSay account via his fb:

Caption excerpt: "The film is scheduled to hit theaters in January 2012! Here's an exclusive photo of Zac Efron with Nicholas' assistant Stephanie near the New Orleans set of the film last fall."
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